Arguing to Mediate

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Final Mediation

Siedah Coleman
English 103
Adam Million
December 7, 2007
Gay Rights

Gay rights, along with gay marriage, have been big issues within the United States for the past couple of years. A majority of United States citizens disapprove of homosexual activity because they believe that it is morally wrong. However, another majority believes that the sexual orientation of an individual is their own personal feelings and should strictly be their business. From each viewpoint, there are positive and negative aspects as to why the gay rights may or may not be appropriate. Although some gay rights may cause controversy within the society, the government should allow gays and lesbians an equal living opportunity to uphold normal living standards.
Homosexuals can, and have, caused a tremendous amount of chaos on the society. The way that an individual feel towards someone should not be determined based on what others may think. According to statistics, approximately 2% of the United States population is homosexuals (“Tanditioninaction”). With that, why should individuals be treated any differently than anyone else? However, it does take a healthy society to create a sustainable nation. From this, individuals may have to adjust their living styles to help maintain the environment in which we live.
Married heterosexual couples are given a great amount of tax opportunities from the government. By legalizing gay marriage, problems pertaining to tax breaks may come about. They government will have to make up for lost money given to homosexuals, causing everyone to pay more for taxes. Furthermore, homosexuals do not receive the tax and insurance benefits that heterosexuals do. For example, homosexuals cannot file taxes together. If one homosexual mate dies, then their inheritance is not given to their spouse. Even though the tax breaks may cause problems with the government, it is necessary that accurate actions take place to ensure that homosexual couples have an equal opportunity as everyone else.
Health care benefits are important for everyone in the United States, especially gays and lesbians. It has been statistically proven that homosexuals have a greater risk of contracting more serious health problems, such as the HIV virus, as opposed to heterosexuals. Among the United States population, 78% of homosexuals are affected with a sexually transmitted disease. In addition, homosexuals are one hundred times more likely to be murdered as opposed to heterosexuals (“Traditioninaction”). With this, gays and lesbians should be covered with equal health care benefits as everyone else in the growing society.
When thought about, it may seem difficult to imagine a child being raised by a homosexual couple. Living with gay parents may not feel as comfortable to children as living with a heterosexual couple. Most adoption agencies are afraid to allow homosexual couples to adopt, for as children are placed in uneasy situations. For example, the state of Florida believes that homosexuals should not adopt because the kids are subject to harassment and ridicule and are better off in heterosexual homes (“Lesbian”). However, if a baby is adopted and raised by homosexuals, then that is all that the child will ever know. In the United States, Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California are the only four states that permit same-sex adoption (“Lesbian”). Consequently, this particular child will not have the opportunity to have a mother or father figure within the home as a role model. This means that they will never withstand the living conditions of a heterosexual couple. With so many children in foster homes, anyone who is willing and wanting to love a child should have the opportunity to.
Marriage is defined as “the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife” (“Dictionary”). It represents unity and happiness between two individuals. As stated in the Bible, particularly in Leviticus chapter 20, verse 13, “if there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them” (Bible). By legalizing gay marriage, individuals believe that they would be going against the Bible and the words that are stated in it. However, it should be left to the individual as to what they believe is right. In conclusion, gays and lesbians should have equal life opportunity as others within the society.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brief for Argument

The Rights of Gays and Lesbians
The United States governmental laws, along with the United States Constitution and citizens of the United States, should be in favor of equal rights for gays and lesbians within the country. The intended audiences of this case consist of homosexuals and the concerned individuals who believe that everyone should be treated equally. The readers of this case are the people who may have gays and lesbians in their family and have questions pertaining to the entire issue. I particularly want to reach out to those who are homophobic (a person who despises homosexuals), in which their opinion about gays and lesbians can change.
There are many reasons as to why homosexuals should receive the equal rights as everyone else. Usually, the individuals are citizens of the United States. With that, why should they be treated any different from anyone else? The way that an individual feels about another individual is their own personal feelings. With this, same-sex marriage should be legalized and allowed. Furthermore, discrimination has been an issue in the United States for many decades. By limiting the activity of homosexuals, such as employment opportunities and the adoption of children to create a family, discrimination is being practiced. No individual residing in the United States should be judged based on their sexual orientation. If a person believes that it is morally right, then others should respect their beliefs and treat them as if it is morally right.
When preparing my case, I can arrange my reasons based on the adequate amount of evidence provided and from my personal opinion. By doing so, I believe that my audience will be highly convinced and persuaded to believe as I do or even withstand a similar viewpoint. I intend to gain the trust of my audience my strongly stressing my opinion and providing accurate information to the concerned individuals.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deciding On a Topic

My partner, Caroline, and I decided to argue on the subject of gay rights. According to the Encarta Dictionary, gay rights are defined as "civil rights for gay people, particularly the right to be treated without discrimination both legally and socially." Are the rights provided for gays and lesbians equal or are they discriminating towards them? As for my side, I will be arguing in favor of gay rights. I believe that the laws regarding them are incorrect and shows unequality towards homosexual individuals.